Is It A Twig Or A Four Lane Highway????

antAnts have had millions of years to evolve and need no help from humans to survive.  Many homeowners however are enabling ants not only to survive, but to actually thrive.

Moisture is a factor contributing to the health of an ant colony, so any steps to minimize moisture will help minimize ant populations.  In order to reduce moisture available to ants maintain landscape mulch at a depth of less than two inches, keep the grass short and bag clippings.

Edging or weed eating around the foundation as well as trees and other landscape features is a good practice to make the area less hospitable to ants.  Directing the A/C drip line and gutter run off well away from the foundation are additional moisture reducing steps.

Any vegetation touching the home will act as a bridge for ants so keep a two foot vegetation free zone around the foundation and do not allow tree limbs to touch the roof.

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