How To Keep Insects Away This Spring

How To Keep Insects Away This Spring

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how to keep insects away
how to keep insects away

Sure, you've heard the term "spring cleaning," but do you know why it's done? Most people use this term to refer to deep cleaning, which is not the case.

For one, spring cleaning is done in the spring when the weather begins to warm. It also entails cleaning all areas of the house, including crawl spaces and ceilings, and testing smoke detectors, and disinfecting all accessible areas.

This cleaning is especially important because it keeps pests at bay. This is due to the fact that as the weather warms, most animals, including small animals such as ants, termites, and even stinging insects such as wasps and bees, emerge from hibernation. This is why it is critical to get spring cleaning right.

So here are a few pointers on how to thoroughly clean your home this spring to keep pests at bay for good. For better coverage, we'll go room by room, including the outdoors.

Outdoors- The Patio, Yard, and Driveway

Spring cleaning can begin from the inside out or vice versa, but every area must be visited. So, when you start working outside, you inspect the roof, stairways, gutters, and even the walls for damage. Check for termites by knocking on any wooden surfaces. Also, look for any potential entry points into the home, such as a cracked doorway, and repair it with fillers.

Then you clear out the yard of any unnecessary containers that may harbour water and serve as mosquito breeding grounds. Trim any overgrown shrubs and trees, as well as the grass.

The Basement

Rodents and spiders love the basement, so clean up any cobwebs while you're down there. To get rid of rodents, clear out any cluttered furniture or boxes, so they have no place to hide. Fill the cracks with fillers to prevent ants and other crawling insects from entering your home.

The Bathroom

Silverfish and cockroaches prefer moist environments, which is why you'll find so many in the bathroom. It's as simple as limiting the moisture supply to get rid of them. This means that if there are any leaks, they should be repaired, as well as the taps and pipes tightened so that all areas of your bathroom remain dry at all times.

The Kitchen

Rodents, cockroaches, and other pests adore the kitchen because it provides them with food and water. To eliminate them, make sure that the pipes and taps are not leaking and that all food sources are properly sealed. Thoroughly clean the area behind the stove and the countertops.

Check your cereals for mites and other small insects that live in stale food after emptying the pantry.


The rooms mentioned above are only those that require special attention; however, the rest of the house must be cleaned as well. They too could be home to pests that may spread diseases and cause infections. So much so this means that the living room, bedrooms, and balconies all need to be thoroughly cleaned.

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