Forget Wanted Dead or Alive …. These Are Only Wanted DEAD!!!

Forget Wanted Dead or Alive …. These Are Only Wanted DEAD!!!

Ants continue to top Birmingham’s “Most Wanted” list …. most wanted DEAD that is.  Ant colonies are considered super organisms because they act as a unified entity, working together to support the colony.  Ant societies have division of labor, communication between individuals, and the ability to solve even complex problems.  With these factors in mind, it’s no wonder that ants continue to cause so much trouble for homeowners.

In an ant colony, new workers spend the first few days of their adult life caring for the queen and young. Later they will begin to dig and perform other nest work and finally will defend the nest and forage.  The high casualties involved in foraging make the task an acceptable risk only for ants who are older and more likely to die of natural causes soon.

In most cases, the ants we see inside will have originated from a colony or nest that is actually located outside.  Frequently the health of the ant colony can be attributed to landscape beds or flowering plants in the yard.  By insuring the health of the plants through mulching and watering, homeowners frequently grow ants in addition to plants.

Since moisture does contribute to the health of an ant colony, any steps taken which minimize moisture will help to reduce ant populations as well.  To accomplish reduction of moisture available to ants, do not allow landscape mulch to exceed a depth of two inches.  Keeping the grass short, bagging clippings and watering the lawn, if needed, in the morning will also help with moisture reduction.

Final ant prevention tips include keeping a two foot vegetation free zone around the foundation and not allowing tree limbs to touch the roof.  Sealing cracks or gaps around the exterior of the home and maintaining weather stripping and door sweeps will also help prevent ants and other pests from getting inside.

If you should be experiencing a problem with ants, or any other pests, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for an evaluation and solution.