Fall Swarming Termites?? Scary Stuff!!

Fall Swarming Termites?? Scary Stuff!!

By webdevOctober 21, 2016No Comments

crack-in-slabTermites are one of nature’s many “recyclers” of dead wood, which make them a very beneficial insect as a whole. The problem with this pest develops when they decide to turn their attention to recycling our homes which are, of course, made of …. dead wood.

Termites, and in fact most insects, have been around longer than humans and will probably outlive humanity as well. Some of the many reasons termites flourish include their biology and behavior and their adaptability.  In order to survive the desiccating effects of the sun, termites simply avoid it, something many of us now wish we had done in our younger years.  This behavior has the added benefit of enabling termites to avoid detection during their “recycling” efforts on our homes.

Termite adaptability is currently on display as shown by the swarms we have experienced recently. Although termite swarming typically occurs in early to mid spring, some colonies have decided there is no time like the present.  Another factor enabling termite colonies to flourish is their ability to pass through a crack as small as 1/64 of an inch.  If a homeowner could see through their floor covering, there is no telling just how many cracks they might find which provide easy access for termites.

Although termites have many factors working for them, there are still measures homeowners can take to help prevent this pest’s premature “recycling” efforts. The first and most important measure to address is …. you guessed it … moisture control.  Because termites require moisture, which in itself is harmful to the components of a home, any steps taken to prevent moisture issues will be doubly beneficial.  These moisture control measures include repairing any roof or plumbing leaks, keeping gutters clean, maintaining caulking around windows and doors and not allowing standing water in the crawl space.

If you should experience a problem with termites, or any other pest, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for an evaluation.

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