Buyer Beware!!!

Buyer Beware!!!

By webdevJanuary 22, 2015No Comments

german roachAlthough looking for good deals is a great idea, sometimes you can get more than you bargained for.  Second hand furniture for example can have “added benefits” that a purchaser would be much better off without.

The table and chairs or china cabinet that seems like a good buy, can in fact be costly when trying to rid your home of the german roaches it came with.  The bedroom suite that was a “dream find” turns into a nightmare upon the discovery that bedbugs are included.  The wool sweater or rug that’s “just the thing you were looking for” is exactly what you didn’t need when it spreads a fabric moth or beetle infestation to your other rugs or clothes.

To help reduce your chances of “getting more than you bargained for” thoroughly inspect any potential purchase before buying.  If your new purchase is clothing or rugs, immediately clean them or have them cleaned professionally according to label directions.  If the purchase was furniture or household goods, isolate your new find until you’re sure no “little extras” were included.

If you do find this advice comes too late, and you’re already experiencing a pest problem, call Mr. Bugg’s today for a free evaluation!!


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