Beware Of Take-Out Stowaways

german roachBringing home a take out meal as a treat or time saver can instead become the source of a german roach infestation. In the to-go bag or box, along with your meal of choice, you may have a german roach or two …. or eighty.

German roaches, a prominent pest in restaurants, find paper bags and cardboard boxes ideal hiding places.  Female german roaches produce egg capsules containing 30 – 40 eggs which are carried until the eggs are ready to hatch.  Just imagine the result if a female roach, carrying an egg capsule, were to stowaway in your bag.

German roaches mature more quickly, and produce more young, than any other species of roach. In less than two months a newly hatched female german roach is an adult and ready to produce her own young.

To help reduce the chance of bringing home a future german roach infestation with your meal, immediately discard the bag or box your food was packaged in. Do not place the packaging on the counter and go change clothes, check messages, call everyone to the table, etc. prior to eating.  By the time you return to your meal, a german roach stowaway could easily slip out of the packaging and into a drawer undetected.

If you should experience a problem with a german roach infestation, or any other pest control issue, contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for an evaluation.