The Ants Go Marching…… And Marching….. And Marching!!!!

The Ants Go Marching…… And Marching….. And Marching!!!!

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Ants come in many different sizes and colors, even within the same species and sometimes, oddly enough, even within the same colony. There are several things all ants have in common though, first and foremost being.... when they manage to invade our homes, ants are decidedly unwelcome.

Another of the common factors many ant species share is their usual nesting site.... outside. You may ask, "If they are supposed to be outside, why am I finding ants inside my home?"  The answer is one of the common denominators of ant behavior and biology;  a caste of workers who forage regularly for food in support of the colony.

During foraging duties in the yard, when ants happen to find our home, their diminutive size, 1/16 inch in most cases, allows for easy access inside. Frequently the feast available indoors is more than they could hope to find outdoors, therefore, the ants are quick to take advantage of all offerings.

Fortunately the measures necessary to control various ant species also have several factors in common, thereby allowing a homeowner to control several ant species at once. Ant prevention measures include sealing cracks or gaps and expansion joints around the perimeter and foundation of the home, removing any debris from the yard and cutting back vegetation or tree limbs that are touching the siding or overhanging the roof.

Moisture is another common factor contributing to the health of ant colonies, therefore, minimizing moisture will help reduce ant populations.  In order to minimize moisture available to ants, landscape mulch should not exceed a depth of two inches.   Directing the gutter run off and A/C drip line well away from the foundation are additional moisture reducing steps.

If you are experiencing a problem with ants, or any other pest, we hope you’ll consider putting the resources and knowledge of Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol to work on your behalf.

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