A Roach Is A Roach Is A Roach …. Or Is It?

A Roach Is A Roach Is A Roach …. Or Is It?

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Asian cockroaches are almost identical to German cockroaches, but the species can be confirmed through a chemical analysis by gas chromatography.   “Here, let me take a look and we’ll see which it is … oh, sorry …. I must have left my gas chromatographer in my other purse.”    

Asian cockroaches typically live outdoors in shady mulched areas where deteriorating plant material accumulates. Homeowners frequently provide all the best living conditions for this pest in landscaping and gardens around the home and in the yard.

Asian cockroaches differ from German cockroaches in that they are strong fliers. This being the case, one way to determine if the specimen is German or Asian is ….. to throw it into the air.   If the roach flies and is attracted to light, it is an Asian cockroach where as German cockroaches don’t fly and prefer the dark.

Although Asian cockroaches may invade structures, indoor infestations are uncommon. Because they become active at sundown and are attracted to light-colored surfaces and brightly lit areas, the presence of this pest is obvious since their activity frequently coincides with our leisure time.

Asian cockroaches may be of benefit in controlling crop pests by eating the eggs, however, there are no plans to distribute them for that purpose at this time. Good news indeed as this is how the Asian Lady Beetle invasions began!

In order to reduce indoor sightings of Asian cockroaches, minimizing their access to moisture is very beneficial. This can be done by reducing mulch levels to two inches or less, keeping vegetation trimmed back away from the house and only watering the lawn in the mornings.  Replacing exterior standard light bulbs with sodium vapor bulbs or yellow bug bulbs will also attract fewer Asian cockroaches and other outdoor pests.

If you should be experiencing a problem with Asian cockroaches, or any other pest, contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for an evaluation.


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