Armadillo-1What they look like:

Adult Armadillos are usually grey colored, 15 to 17 inches long and weigh 8 to 17 pounds.   The top of an Armadillo is armored by plates of bone covered in horn.  The underside of an Armadillos is not armored but is soft skin and fur instead.

Where to look for them:

Armadillos prefer to live near creeks or streams where their food supply will be plentiful.  By holding its breath for as long as six minutes, Armadillos can walk underwater for short distances.  Crossing larger bodies of water can be achieved by swallowing air to increase buoyancy.

What they eat:

An Armadillo’s favorite food is earth worms, along with insect larvae (grubs), soil insects, small reptiles and frogs and fruits.

What to look for:

The Armadillos themselves may be seen at night as they are nocturnal.  During the course of digging in search of a meal, Armadillos may cause considerable damage to gardens and landscaped areas.  Armadillos have an objectionable odor which is more pungent when they are stressed.

Other information:

Armadillos produce 1 litter per year of 4 young which will all be of the same sex.  An infected Armadillo can transmit leprosy to humans.  Because they tend to jump three to four feet vertically when startled, putting them into a collision course with the underside of vehicles, Armadillos are frequently killed by cars.