Pharaoh Ant



Pharaoh Ant

What they look like

Pharaoh ants are 1/16 inch and yellow to light brown in color.

Where to look for them

Though tropical in origin, because of international trade, Pharaoh ants now have a world wide distribution. In temperate regions colonies may be found anywhere outdoors and when indoors are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms or near other sources of water. Pharaoh ants may nest in any inaccessible void with a crack large enough to admit their diminutive size (1/16 of an inch).

What they eat

Pharaoh ants are omnivores and will feed on fats, proteins and carbohydrates including insects, meat, greases, syrup, cake etc.

What to look for

Pharaoh ant foragers may be found trailing outside around windows and doors or along brick or other siding. Indoors foragers trail behind baseboards and in wall voids along plumbing and electrical lines. Pharaoh ant foragers will trail horizontally or vertically up to 135 feet away from the site of the colony.

Other information

A Pharaoh ant colony may have multiple queens and nest sites which are frequently moved to new locations. This colony budding behavior makes control of Pharaoh ant infestations difficult to obtain. Because the application of pesticides trigger colony budding, an intensive baiting program is required for control of Pharaoh ants.
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