Little Black Ant



Little Black Ant

What they look like

Little Black ants appear shiny, are dark brown to black in color and 1/16th of an inch.

Where to look for them

The Little Black ant is found throughout the continental U.S. Common in wooded habitats, the Little Black ant may be found nesting under stones, mulch, debris piles or trees, stumps or bare dirt. They rarely nest indoors and may be in wall voids or brick veneer voids.

What they eat

ittle Black ants eat honeydew produced by aphids, insects, pollen, meat, greases, fruit and sweets.

What to look for

Little Black ants form small cones of fine soil at the entrances of under ground nest sites.

Other information

Little Black ant colonies may contain several queens and large populations. Reproductive swarming Little Black ants may be observed from 
June into August.
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