Camel Crickets



Camel Crickets

What they look like

Adult Camel Crickets are ½ to 1 ½ inch long and vary in color from light tan to dark brown. The humpbacked appearance of their thorax is responsible for the name Camel Cricket. Immature Camel Crickets resemble adults but are smaller in size.

Where to look for them

Camel Crickets may be found outside in leaf litter, under logs, stones, in tree holes and other areas which provide shelter and moisture. Camel Crickets may also be found in crawlspaces or basements and occasionally in attics.

What they eat

Camel Crickets will eat a variety of products including organic matter, paper, fabrics and fur.

What to look for

Camel Crickets are nocturnal and attracted to lights so may be observed wandering in search of food after dark.

Other information

One thing you will not look for, or listen for, with regards to Camel Crickets is a chirping noise. Because Camel Crickets lack wings, which other Crickets use to make the chirping noise, any chirping you do hear is not the product of Camel Crickets.
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