Free Tickets!!! Get Yours While They Last!!!

If you are searching for the building and remodeling professionals who can make your dream home a reality, or are interested in the latest in design trends, The Home Building and Remodeling Showcase is a must.  This annual event, hosted by the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders, will take place Friday March 18th through […]

Myth Buster/Fact or Fiction

The continually changing weather conditions have caused homeowners to experience unusually high rodent activity recently. We thought this would be a good time to dispel some urban myths about rodents and rodent bait. Fact or fiction ….. There are rodent baits that embalm the mouse/rat so it doesn’t smell when it dies.   Fiction! Though we […]

The Ants Go Marching…… And Marching….. And Marching!!!!

  Ants come in many different sizes and colors, even within the same species and sometimes, oddly enough, even within the same colony. There are several things all ants have in common though, first and foremost being…. when they manage to invade our homes, ants are decidedly unwelcome. Another of the common factors many ant […]

Employee Excellence Award

When your call is answered at our office, chances are excellent the voice you will hear is Tanya Harwell’s. Though new to pest control, Tanya’s 30+ years in other customer service positions make her an ideal addition to our Mr. Bugg’s family. A loving and dedicated Mom and Wife, Tanya brings that same caring nature […]

Raspberry Beagle Seeks New Home

While attending the Alabama Pest Control Association Winter Meeting in Auburn last week, we came across this adorable beagle that had been abandoned. This happy little guy is beautiful, submissive and not a big barker. A young adult male on the small side, he appears to be very healthy and socializes well. If you are […]

Alabama Mosquitoes Potential Carriers Of The Zika Virus

With the Zika virus topping news stories, and temperatures rising to the mid 60s in Alabama, it is time to give careful thought to mosquitoes.  Cases of the Zika virus have been reported in Florida, and the mosquito known to transmit the virus is one already common in Alabama. Mosquitoes spread the virus by feeding […]

Coyotes Spotted In Subdivisions In Clay Alabama

Homeowners in several subdivisions in Clay have reported sightings of coyotes roaming the streets. Coyotes are nocturnal carnivores whose diet consists mostly of rabbits, rodents, birds, lizards, snakes, fish, insects and, potentially, the family pet. Because coyotes feed mostly on smaller prey, their family unit usually consists of a small group centered around a reproductive […]

Are You Growing Self Seeding Flowers Or Feeding Mice???

Mice are highly adaptable, so much so that they have a world wide distribution. Found throughout the world, from tropical climates to arctic regions, mice even thrive in temperatures of -10 degrees. Their highly developed sense of smell enables mice to detect bird seed in feeders and pet food in dishes. This heightened sense of […]

Ladybugs …. Guest or Pest?

To most gardeners, especially rose lovers, Ladybugs are welcome guests because they eat aphids and other insects that are harmful to plants. However, on warm days, when Ladybugs wake from their winter naps and wander into a home in droves, they can quickly wear out their welcome.  In the winter Ladybugs nest under leaf piles […]