Sugarcane Beetles

While records show Sugarcane Beetles have been around since before the Civil War they have gone largely unnoticed in our area until recently.  This ½ inch robust black beetle is currently causing a nuisance around a number of structures.  Because they fly at night and are strongly attracted to lights they may be found in […]

Lady Bug Home Invasion

Ordinarily lady beetles are not a nuisance; they feed on ornamental pests like aphids and whiteflies and are considered by some to be good luck.  In the winter however they search out nesting sites, including our homes that protect them from cold weather.  Lady beetles are especially attracted to buildings with sunny, western exposures and […]

Brown Recluse Spiders

As the temperatures change and we change wardrobes our chances of encountering Brown Recluse Spiders increase.   As the name implies these spiders prefer undisturbed areas in out of the way places, like boxes in attics, closets or basements where we store winter clothes in the summer and vice versa.  To minimize the chances of a […]

Flea Control in the Home

You just walked in after a well-deserved, relaxing vacation and all of a sudden, you and your family are “attacked” by fleas.  Adult fleas are stimulated by movement, and typically this movement is in reference to the host from which the fleas are feeding on (cat, dog, etc…). When a family leaves for an extended […]

Help!!…My Home is Infested With Spiders!

This is the time of year when the spider population seems to be at its peak.  It is hot out there, and what’s worse is that it appears that the rain is unfortunately a scarcity at best. For this reason a number of pests have been searching for the same thing we are….water, and they […]

Millions of Millipedes

Okay, maybe millions is an exaggeration but when millipedes decide to invade a home they can do it in a big way.  Millipedes tend to stay in the ground, require a lot of moisture and are nocturnal, therefore, to reduce a millipede problem minimize excessive moisture in the yard.  By keeping the grass short and […]

Swarming Termites vs. Flying Ants

One of the most common mistakes that people make is confusing flying ants with swarming termites.  Unfortunately, the similarities between the two make it easy for that to happen.  Here are just a few things you can look for in the event you encounter either one.    First, swarming termites have two sets of wings […]

Termite Prevention

One of the most common questions that we get is, “What can I do to help prevent termites from infesting my house?”   First, make sure to minimize the amount of old wood and lumber around your home or underneath porches and decks.  Keep mulch and pine straw in your flowerbeds from building up and […]