Patchwork Quilt Of Leaves???

Dixieland Fall by Paul Harwell

Dixieland Fall by Paul Harwell

Now that cool Autumn nights are finally here, many homeowners are rifling through storage areas in search of nice comfy blankets. As we drag out the winter quilts and clothing, keep in mind that many outdoor pests are also looking for insulation against dropping temperatures.  Although we require man-sized (or woman-sized) blankets, even a few leaves will provide ample warmth for great numbers of unwelcome pests.

When leaves collect in the yard, they provide the perfect blanket for pests to overwinter. Any number of insects including lady bugs, roaches, ants and earwigs, as well as mice, will take advantage of the insulation properties which leaves, or other clutter, provide.

In addition to causing the occasional invasion during the winter, leaf clutter can also lead to a significant insect infestation in the Spring when temperatures warm up. To help avoid unwanted visitors of the many legged variety, rake and remove fallen leaves from the yard often and remember to check the roof and gutters as well.

Many other features including dense ground cover, thick mulch, patio stones, flower pots, firewood, construction debris and dog houses all provide an excellent spot for pests to seek harborage. Removal of any of this sheltering material, especially if located near the house, will be very beneficial in our ongoing battle with various pests.

Other basic fall home maintenance projects can be useful to decrease potential invasions of the pest variety. Replacing torn screening, worn weather-stripping and cracked caulking will help prevent pests from coming in with the added benefit of keeping conditioned air from going out.  Lower utility bills and fewer pests would be a definite win-win for any homeowner.

If you are experiencing any problems of the pest variety, please contact Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol today for an evaluation and solution.